Important Deadlines, Dates & Information                                                                                                     

January 6, 2020 Registration Opens for 2020 LEAD NORTH AMERICA Conference
January 6, 2020 Registration Officially Opens for 2020 ADVANCED LEAD NORTH AMERICA
April 2, 2020 1st Registration Increase
May 2, 2020 2nd Registration Increase
May 15, 2020 Last Day of 100% Refunds (for any reason)
June 1, 2020 Last Day for U.S. Visa requests
June 1, 2020 Last Day of Replacements (Any Gender)
June 15, 2020 Last Day of Replacements (Same Gender)
June 15, 2020 Last Day for Roommate request
June 15, 2020 Last Day for all replacements and/or changes
June 20, 2020 Pre-Conference Embassy Dinner Registration Closes
June 20, 2020 Supplemental Registration Closes
June 20, 2020 Registration Closes
July 1, 2020 (Pre-Conference)
July 1, 2020 Pre-Conference Dinner & Mixer
July 2, 2020 Inaugural Advanced RYLA North America from 9am to 4pm
July 2, 2020 Conference Opens at 7:30pm – Embassy Dinner
July 2-7, 2020 RYLA North America Conference
July 7, 2020 Conference Ends at 12:30pm
July 8, 2020 Post-Conference
July 9, 2020 Post-Conference


* LEAD NA Conference begins at 7:30pm on THURSDAY, July 2, 2020.

* LEAD NA Conference ends at 12:30pm on TUESDAY, July 7, 2020.

Registration Information



X  Included and is part of your registration package.

X Not included in your registration package.


Package for USD $500.00

  July   2 July    3 July    4 July  5 July  6 July   7
Accommodations X X X X X X
Breakfast X X X X X X
Lunch X X X X X X
Dinner X X X X   X
Dinner Gala         X  
T-Shirt, Bag, Pen, Badge, Program Materials X          

Package includes;

* Accommodations: July 2, July 3, July 4, July 5 & July 6 – checking out on July 7

* Meals: [Breakfast on July 3, July 4, July 5, July 6 & July 7], [Lunch on July 3, July 5 & July 6] and [Dinner on July 2, July 3, July 5 & July 6].

* Program Materials: Conference T-Shirt, Bag, Bottle, Pen & Program Certificate.

* Embassy Dinner: July 2 & July 5.

* Dinner & Dance Gala: July 6.

* Admission to Other Events/Venues: Ultra Bar Dance Club, L8 Dance Club, U.S. Capitol and European Union.

Delegates will be in a room with 1 other conference delegates (same gender) and all rooms are air-conditioned. The rooms come with pillows, linen, blankets, towels, TV, IRON and a PRIVATE BATHROOM. All rooms are equipped with free wifi. 

  1. Registration package without supplemental registration is USD $500.00 (basic package) per person.
  2. Supplemental registration includes the following; Extended Stay on July 1, Extended Stay on July 7, Extended Stay on July 1 & July 7, Pre-Conference Dinner on July 1, Smartrip Card and Advanced LEAD North America on July 2.
  3. Extended stay registration is open for delegates interested in extended stay on A) July 1 ONLY USD $60.00, B) July 7 ONLY FOR USD $60.00 or C) JULY 1 and JULY 7 FOR USD $120.00 per person.
  4. Smartrip card (WMATA/Metro) for purchase can be purchased under “Supplemental Registration” for a cost of USD $10.00 with (USD $8.00 in value and USD $2.00 for the Smartrip card). This card can be used throughout Washington, DC MetroRail/subway system. We will be using the metro during portions of the conference.
  5. Pre-Conference Dinner is planned for July 1 at 7:30pm at an area embassy for USD $25.00. This includes dinner and program materials. This is optional for conference delegates arriving on June 30 or July 1. You may find this option under “Supplemental  Registration.”
  6. Advanced LEAD North America is planned for July 2 from 9:00am to 4:00pm for USD $50.00. This includes breakfast, lunch and program materials. This is open to LEAD North America Alumni only.
  7. Early bird for registration ends on April 2, 2020. After April 2, 2020, registration is USD $550.00. Registration after May 1, 2020 is USD $600.00.
  8. Last day to register for the Conference is June 20, 2020. 
  9. Contact us at for all payment matters.
  10. A full [100% refund] will be issued if you cancel by May 15, 2020. No [100% refunds] will be issued if you cancel after May 15, 2020 (i.e visa denial, can no longer attend, personal reasons, sickness, natural disaster from departing city, connecting city and/or arrival city and any other natural disaster/acts of god, you applied for a U.S. visa late and/or closure of U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate – – reasons of which are beyond our control. This refund policy will be strictly enforced.
  11. If you can no longer attend, you may find a replacement to replace your registration. Replacements must be sent to Registrations Committee by June 1, 2020 (any gender). After June 1, 2020 (replacements) must be of the same gender with you and is due no later than June 15, 2020 (no exceptions will be made after this date). We are unable to find a replacement for you and you are responsible to find a replacement.
  12. Refund requests must be sent to no later than May 15, 2020 (for 100% refunds).
  13. A limited amount of rooms are available for conference delegates interested in a SINGLE person” room. additional charges will apply. Contact Registrations Committee for further information.
  14. A limited amount of rooms are available for Rotarians and/or Club Advisors (additional charges will apply). Contact Registrations Committee for further information.
  15. You must be 18 years of age as of July 1, 2020 to attend the LEAD North America Conference.
  16. The registration form is available in English, French and Spanish, you may select your preferred language at the top of the registration form.
  17. The Code of Conduct filled out during registration must be filled out by yourself and not by someone else. For clubs registering multiple members, each individual club member must still out their Code of Conduct.

Registration Process

  1. Upon receipt of your registration and payment (online), you will receive an automated confirmation email with your registration number.
  2. Payment is required at the time of registration, and this includes those awaiting a U.S visa. In the event your visa is denied, we will refund your registration fee minus any transaction costs (if any). Your refund request must be made in writing no later than May 15, 2020. This date are strictly enforced.
  3. For those who require a visa, on the registration form there is a separate section regarding U.S. Visa requests (see Visa Information link) on the left tab of this website.
  4. For U.S. and Canadian universities, you must still fill out the “Conference Delegate” online form. Once we receive your registration form and check, you will receive a confirmation from Registrations Committee. Please expect 7-10 business days for funds to clear.
  5. The Conference Committee reserves the right to decline a delegate’s registration without explanation and a full refund will be provided.
  6. The Conference Committee reserves the right to close Conference registration and Conference extended registration in the event registration for the Conference has reached capacity before the Conference deadlines. Thus early registration is strongly encouraged!
  7. Our experience has been that there is a great demand for Conference registration and many requests for information. We will do our best for timely response to all inquiries. But please allow us 3 – 4 days for any response.
  8. Please note that our committee members all work full time or are full time students, please be respectful in your correspondence and we will do our best to answer any questions that you may have.

United States and Canadian Universities

  1. If your club in the United States and/or Canada is required to send in a paper form with a check, please go over these important instructions. If your university will not be paying by check, you may register using the online form. Universities and/or colleges outside the United States and/or Canada using the paper version will be ignored and you must fill out the online form above.
  2. For all United States and Canadian universities, no paper form will be issued for 2020. Instead, you must fill out the online form and click “print” at the bottom of your form. You, your university club advisor, and/or sponsoring Rotary Club must contact Registrations Committee to inform Registrations Committee of your club’s intent to send in a printed registration form. Registrations Committee will give you a “conference code” to register online and the mailing address  to send the registration form and payment for the Conference. NOTE: If you send your paperwork and payment to any address other than the address we provide, we will not receive it.
  3. For all United States and Canadian universities, we understand that the registration process at times may take a while to be processed by your university. However, you are responsible for submitting all forms with payments by the Conference deadlines. You are strongly encouraged to begin the paperwork as early as possible as the process can take several months.
  4. Contact Registrations Committee to get all needed information about registering your club members for this Conference.

Methods of Payment

  1. Credit Card (via the Online Registration Form).
  2. Check. We accept checks from United States and Canadian university-based Rotaract Clubs only.


Washington, DC has 3 international airports:

1) Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA)
2) Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)
3) Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Go to Practical Information for further information regarding travel to Washington, DC, USA

Translation Services

The 2020 LEAD Board can provide translation in the following languages; Arabic, French and Spanish. Need further assistance? Do not hesitate to contact us.